Farheen Fatima

Senior Data Scientist

I work in the field of Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence for leading Investment Banking institutions. I have a very global working experience having worked in multiple countries.

I am a Data Scientist who writes algorithms & code to analyze large amounts of data to derive patterns, behaviors, anomalies and valuable insights which are then used to make critical business decisions. I work mainly with investment banks and trading platform data. This is a very hot and trending job role in the world of information technology today.

Data sciences is mostly problem solving. It's pretty cool working with complex and challenging tasks and designing ingenious solutions to analyze data. its 50% art and 50% technology.

Lots of meeting, Lots of coding and tons of coffee!!

I have a Bachelors degree in Engineering in Computer Sciences. Data Science as a field has become very popular, universities are now offering Master Degree specifically in Data sciences. A lot of people in my field chose to do this Masters degree course However I do not feel that it is necessary.

I strive to become the best possible version of myself.

I love to paint in my spare time. I am passionate about art.

I have always believed that "Dreams are the first steps towards Reality". So never be ashamed to dream big.