Jana Jhaveri

Founder & CEO

World Can Code. My ideology behind World Can Code is to create a virtual world to help women extend horizons, develop their skills to be leaders of tomorrow; to work with students from disadvantaged backgrounds, giving them exposure to new computing, improve literacy and prepare them for jobs.

Being the founder, I came up with the idea to help women and girls understand the vast sea of STEM opportunities and find their passion be teaching them the basics and giving them access to resources and an education they may not have.

I love the idea of being able to share my knowledge and passion for the STEM field and the wonders it holds. I believe that technology is our future and it is something each and every one of us must know how to use and work with.

As I am still a student, most of my day is spent studying, but every moment I get free I am either coding and designing a website or trying to create a holistic teaching course for my company to implement and teach students of all ages.

I love Computers and ICT, subjects which I excelled in for school assignments and I enjoyed taking extra courses to deepen my understanding. The bonus of the internet expanded my access to knowledge, and I began learning and researching multiple areas of Technology.

I aspire to be a professional businesswoman, while continuing to teach coding and the basics of technology, I also want to be able to help corporates and small start ups navigate the growing field of tech and marketing, two of my favourite topics.

I enjoy travelling and love to capture every moment in a photograph. My love for music is contagious and I always find myself humming or singing as I work.

"It's okay to be a glowstick; sometimes we have to break before we shine" ~ Jadah Sellner