Jennifer Cox

Senior Security Engineer

Tenable - Today, over 30,000 organizations around the world rely on us to help them understand and reduce their cybersecurity risks. Our goal is to arm every organization, no matter how large or small, with the visibility and insight to answer four critical questions at all times: Where are we exposed? Where should we prioritize, based on risk? Are we reducing our exposure over time? How do we compare with our peers?

I advise and consult with Enterprise companies globally on best practices when it comes to cyber security and reducing their cyber exposure.

It changes constantly and every day there are new challenges. I constantly have to adapt and never get bored.

Most of my day is spent on calls with clients discussing their cyber security goals and helping them work towards achieving them. I also work with our product teams on upcoming product inclusions.

I have 16 years working in tech with 5 of those specific to Tenable and cyber security. Prior to that I worked in support, software, product management, and other fields.

I am working towards a management role, but want to ensure to keep technical. I am aiming to work in managing a strategic team of specialists ensuring that I can still stay close on product decisions and input.

I read, I mentor, I run, and I watch movies with my boys. I have four sons.

"Know your own value. Don't let others tell you!" - Me