Bernadette Thompson

Deputy Director Inclusion, Wellbeing and Employee Engagement

The UK Civil Service, in the Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government

Ensure that the organisation is inclusive to all people. Help employees in the organisation to thrive and be their best selves at work.

I love creating a culture where people can come to work and be themselves and thrive and progress and grow. My job is so fulfilling, especially when I receive lovely emails from people who I have impacted and also when we undertake our annual survey and people say that the organisation is a great place to work

It could be a range of thinks, between meeting staff employee network groups, speaking at a national diversity event, delivering a presentation to a board of senior leaders about the benefits of inclusive leadership or inspiring people to just be their best on a talent/development programme

I have two degrees in zoology and environmental biology, but I don't work in the field of science now. The transferable skills from my degrees have been really useful in enabling me to set the foundation for working as an HR professional.

To keep being a visible advocate for diversity and inclusion on a global level, I was recently recognised by the Queen and awarded Office of the Order of the British Empire, so really great National Award

I love watching films, I am an ex athlete so love the track! I love travelling.

“If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.” - Shirley Chisholm