Ellie Yell

Found and CEO

Fledglink. Our mission is to ensure that every young person, whatever their starting point in life, can achieve their maximum potential. We have a free self-development, careers and employment app for school students and unemployed young adults. We believe in order to create genuinely diverse organisations in the future we need to level the playing to provide equal access to knowledge, opportunities and networks at the start of a young person's journey into work.

Literally everything. From making sure people get paid at the end of the month to deciding what our strategy and future looks like-and everything in between. Sales, operations, people management, marketing, people development, raising money, creating partnerships, emotional support and looking after my family at the same time!

The variety and the challenge and knowing we are making a positive difference in the world.

There isn't a typical day! See above!

Not techie but running a tech-focussed business. My background is in Occupational Psychology and Human Resource consulting. I had two businesses before starting Fledglink.

Wow- a very pertinent question for now. All I know is that all the experience I have gained in my career has set me up perfectly for whatever the next thing is.

Mess around with my two boys and husband, playing music and sport, enjoying lovely food and travelling when I can.

This is the quote that my six year old said to me which I will never forget, 'Mum you are like super woman because you do so many amazing things and so much every day- and you've only got two arms'. OMG - so cute!