Cazz Ward

Founder and Digital Consultant

I work for my own company, Aegis Digital Ltd.

I work with charities to help them understand the best technology to use to help them do more of the good work they do.

Every day is different! I get to use all the skills and experience I learnt while working in tech roles in big organisations to help charities with difficult digital dilemmas.

I usually work from home. If I need some company, I go and find a co-working space with some of the people from my network. Every day is different! I can be running a workshop helping people write a digital strategy, doing an information security audit, or working with a charity to help them choose new systems.

I started off as a Linux Systems Administrator. I didn't really get any formal qualifications in technology. I just kept teaching myself and then doing stuff for people for free until I started to get paid work. Then, I eventually worked my way up into a leadership role through sheer determination!

I'm really passionate about technology being used for good, so I want to use my skills to help communities to do good. I already work with community groups helping them to use data to get evidence to help persuade their local councils to change things for the better.

I love music! You can still find me at a drum and bass gig - even though I need to be home and in bed by midnight these days! I like spending time outside walking and biking, and whenever I can, open water swimming.

Never be afraid to put yourself forward! If you are a women in tech, you are probably already 10 times better at what you do than most of the men you work with!