Debbie Evans

Global Group Data Protection Officer and Director

Rentokil Initial a FTSE 40 company that seeks to empower and support women with their careers.

Provide advice, support and guidance to businesses in over 85 countries - I have a global network of local privacy officers who help implement the policies and processes I develop, etc.

I love speaking with people from all over the world and educate them on the importance of human rights from a data protection perspective.

No day is the same. I speak to different people about issues such as breaches, risks and how to develop compliant business solutions. Sometimes I negotiate with suppliers/customers - sometimes I present to/train people from all levels of business, I write newsletters, articles, and occasionally deal with regulators. A varied and rewarding role with new daily challenges.

Prior to qualifying as a barrister I had a slight varied career history - hairdresser, DJ, beauty consultant, sales person, victim support counsel and cleaner! After practicing as a barrister - I developed an interest in hi tech crime. Worked as a consultant advising various public bodies - police, MOD etc. Then worked for several large tech companies and consultancies - Siemens, Fujitsu, Accenture and others. My roles were varied but primarily involved commercial and compliance areas. I set up my own companies a few years ago - a drama business and a consultancy (clients include Virgin Media and a pharmaceutical company-Gilead). Recently I accepted a senior role for Rentokil Initial - with the requirement to set up a global data protection compliance program.

I’m planning on setting up a property investment and development business over next 10 years. Plus I want to develop and promote data protection messages to as wide an audience as possible. On a lighter note I like to push myself with extreme challenges- as I enter my 50’s I want to continue playing ice hockey at premier league level and keep up with the younger ones!

Recently I passed my motorbike test so I hope to have some adventures touring the country and the world. However I enjoy playing sports regularly- netball, ice hockey and field hockey. Occasionally you’ll find me trying to pull tricks on a wakeboard or doing something daft on a snowboard! Otherwise spend time with family and friends when possible - love to dance and sing too!

Enjoy the ride - the good, the bad and the ugly - all experiences are an opportunity to learn and move forward. Yes you will occasionally need to stop to refuel or slow down but the journey is part of the fun!