Eleanor Warren

Graduate Engineer

ARM - The largest tech company in the UK, who design the silicon chips that are inside phones and computers, as well as other things such as the cameras and tech to make driverless cars work.

As a graduate I am on a program where I rotate to different teams in ARM every 4 months to get a taste of everything ARM does! I am currently working on the software (coding) to simulate how a particular device that deals with Memory (in phones, computers) works.

I love getting stuck into technical work, the harder and more obscure the better. Then I get such a sense of achievement when I understand it and make good progress! It's amazing knowing the work I am doing is contributing to technology that is all over the world, and in most people's pockets.

I am currently either looking through extensive pages of code to figure out how it works and how it can be improved, or I am designing a new element to sit within this memory device, which involves pen-to-paper scribbles and lots of communicating as a team.

I took Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Further Maths at A-Level, and then studied a Master's in Theoretical Physics at university. I was first exposed to coding at university and loved it, so once I graduated I learnt some more on my own and applied to a job at ARM - here we are!

I plan on going further with my theoretical physics studies, in the form of doing a PhD. After that, I have learnt that you can never really plan your career exactly, and it's not good to either. I am open to any interesting opportunity in physics or tech that would make me happy, with a good work-home balance !

I do a lot to keep fit such as climbing, pole fitness, and weight lifting. I also love art and photography. If I am not doing any of these hobbies I usually just love chilling out with friends,

If someone tells you you can't, shouldn't, or are unlikely to achieve something that you want to, especially based on your gender, ethnicity or background, it's just your opportunity to prove them wrong.