Bushra Burge

Creative Director and Founder

BB Studio which is my own creative innovation studio. My studio has an experimental approach with immersive technologies and story-telling, mixing it with street art, textile design, striking costume/fashion, and wearable technology such as in house haptics. Our work primarily addresses or expresses ethical, social and eco issues.

I collaborate, create, design, organise, solve problems, research, innovate. It involves learning new technology, prorotyping on my own or with others, working on client projects, applying for grants, speaking to people who know more than me, brainstorming ideas, going 2 steps backward much of the time and also having eureka moments. I also public speak and lecture at design universities.

I love interacting with colour, form, texture, sensations through story telling and experience. I love the sharing of knowledge through public platforms and also privately. I love being able to change the world.

After droppping my daughter off at school, I spend some having a coffee, while thinking about strategy and reviewing what I am doing, before morning meetings. I then spend time on current projects, which at the moment is prototyping. After lunch I check if there are any grant or other deadlines and work on those. In between this I try and listen into relevant podcasts and also go for short runs. And then try and get as much done before my daughter gets home from school.

I have had a very winding journey. I started off in science and technology, graduating from Imperial College with a biochemistry degree and working as a database coder in my 20s. Then I had a career change in my 30s. I completed a BA Fashion at London College of Fashion and an MA Applied Imagination at Central Saint Martins whlist working in ethical fashion. Then in my 40s as a new mum, I worked part-time as a lecturer at London College of Fashion, whilst experimenting with wearable technology which led me to setting up my creative innovation studio.

The next chapter will be a consolidation and commercialisation of my skills, experience and objectives.

Travel - I have visited over 100 countries on a number of extended holidays with my husband and daughter. I love to paint and draw. I love to hang out with friends and family over a nice dinner. I also love to give back to the community as a volunteer Policewoman.

"But still, like air, I’ll rise". Maya Angelou