Anna Malan

Manager, Community & Inclusion

Arm - we're a global technology company that bring brilliant people together to unlock the power of technology and spark the world's potential.

I manage Arm's employee community engagement programme, which means connecting my colleagues to the causes that they care about like gender equality or the environment, and then helping them to make a positive impact on those causes.

I love knowing that I have the potential to have a huge positive impact on the world by empowering other people at Arm to use their skills, passion and expertise for good. I get to use my superpower as a communicator to do this, persuading my colleagues to get involved with things that might be new or unfamiliar to them.

I have varied days at work! They can involve everything from coming up with creative ideas to engage people in a campaign about mental health to delivering a presentation. My favourite days at work are when I get to collaborate with my team, catch up with the charities that I work with and learn about the amazing technologies that Arm is helping to power.

At school, I completed the International Baccalaureate and my main subjects were Philosophy, Visual Arts and English. I went on to study Philosophy & Literature at university and, whilst there, became a campaigner for an international human rights charity. My passion led me to joining a charity-sector graduate scheme and ever since then, I've worked in various roles that are all linked together by a common theme of supporting others to create positive social or environmental change in their communities.

I'm excited to find out! I don't believe in ten year plans because a lot of the jobs that we do now literally didn't exist 10 years ago. So I prefer to keep my eyes open to new and unexpected opportunities as they come along. I know that the ability to have a positive impact is very important to me, so I imagine that my future will always be led by choosing jobs that help to make the world a better place. My future will definitely involve continuing to use my superpowers as a Communicator, Trainer and Supporter. I hope that it will also involve me continuing to travel to wonderful parts of the world, and to keep showing up to the important people in my life as a daughter, partner, friend and, one day, mother.

As well as working for Arm, I'm also a qualified yoga teacher so spend my Saturday mornings at my local yoga studio. I love riding my motorbike, spending lots of time outdoors, reading books and painting (although not as often as I would like).

"Your most powerful choices are the ones that feel the scariest" - my best friend said something along these lines to me when I was 17, and it has stuck with me ever since. Every hard decision I've had to make, whether in my career, relationships, health or anything else, has almost always come back to the principle that if something feels scary, it is often because my gut knows that it's because I need to take a step that is true to myself.