Foram Brown

CEO & Founder

Foram Brown - Executive Search For Aerospace & Defense

Most of my clients come to me because they struggle with finding the right senior leaders in engineering, aerospace and space. They have trouble retaining great people or need help with building or developing high-performing executive teams. We’re on a mission to build a talent network that will support businesses in the engineering space, driving growth, and building inclusive leadership teams to inspire, nurture, and liberate a future generation of trailblazers.

I have created an organization where we are genuinely value people, we help each other and grow together as women, as diverse women in this world, and make a real change in engineering. What a beautiful world it would be where we have powerful women leading innovations, changes, and creativity.

In back-to-back meetings :)

My journey to the work I do started with a Bachelor's degree in Computer systems Engineering and a Master's degree in Engineering. I worked at Rolls-Royce as assistant engineer for about 12 years where I progressed in my career. I did different roles in different business units and different engineering departments. I moved from systems engineering to hardware development, and research & technology. With every role, I progressed from one level to another. Then I was headhunted for Head of Mechanical Engineering (UK) for Bombardier. Now I am on a venture to use all the experience that I've gained throughout my career, and hopefully make a change.

Future holds a big mansion, all the top sports cars that I absolutely love and adore...maybe a private jet :)). That's what I aspire to have in my life, and I am quite determined - I will have that one day. I am going to be the glamorous role model in Engineering, which will prove that you don't need to be manly - you can be anything you want and still be successful in Engineering. I hope that I can get to a position where I can get more and more women in senior leadership positions within Engineering, and hopefully we can sustain them, and we can help them grow in those positions. I want my girls to see that I've made these changes, and I want the future generations to be given the opportunities without fighting for them.

Shopping! I absolutely love shopping :). I also love playing with my girls - that is my biggest stress reliever. When I am with them, nothing else matters. And I love my date nights with my husband Matt - that is something that is fun, special, and it's just time for me and him. We have a rule - we never talk about our children when we go out on a date night - it makes it more fun:).

Life is beautiful, so enjoy every moment - who knows what's around the corner...I don't know if this quote belongs to anyone, but that's something that is very close to my heart.