Kathy Giori

Global Partnerships and Outreach

MicroBlocks -- a free and open source software foundation that has built a blocks-based programming tool for learners of physical computing that is "live", parallel, autonomous, and multi-platform. It's simply the best!

I create example educational content and collaborate with educational hardware companies. I teach educators and say yes to offer my skills for youth STEM camps, classes, and other opportunities to teach young people. I communicate with others a lot -- that's a skill we all need for everything we do!

I work with brilliant engineers and software developers. I get to explore bleeding edge new technology tools and hardware. And I feel good working on something that has such a positive impact on our world.

I communicate, collaborate, and work on activities and plans we've made as a team. I carve out time to create things -- that is, I program microcontroller boards and manage them from an embedded Linux system, then write up results to share. I recently made a very cool "smart" Christmas tree with ornaments, LED lighting, and sounds all generated using MicroBlocks-controlled hardware connecting to a management hub, running on a Raspberry Pi gateway.

I grew up wanting to be an astronaut. I was good in math and took advantage of a scholarship from good grades to land a test engineering role the summer before starting college. I started my career researching atmospheric electrification at Cape Canaveral to improve rocket launch safety (in an area famous for large thunderstorms and lightning). Fast forward 8-9 more companies and roles (from startup to big tech), and now I am fortunate and financially secure enough to be able to work on things that are both enjoyable (for my curious mind) and that contribute to the betterment of society.

I plan to continue to work with people, projects, and products that improve STEM education opportunities for the young thinkers of this world.

I love to explore nature -- hiking and biking in the local foothills, rowing along channels of the SF bay. I get to enjoy the great outdoors while benefiting from the health and fitness resulting from these activities.

"Ideas are equal, opportunities are not". -- Dr RJ Webber, Assistant Superintendent of Novi Public Schools, in Michigan.