Director Operations

ARM Ltd : Architects the Pervasive intelligence

I manage a team of project managers to ensure that Projects meet the Cost, Schedule and Performance targets and with my colleagues we careate policies which help the team to do so.

I can influence the way whole organization works and responds to customer needs I get an opportunity to work with a lot of people across the organisation

My typical day at work has some customer meeting to align the schedule and scope expectations , some meetings with engineering teams to understand the Risks to project Schedule or Performance and how to mitigate them and then spending some time on needed updates in policies and processes

I did my graduation in Electronics Engineering and then worked as a circuit designer with STMicroelectronics . After few years I started managing the team of ckt designers . After several years of working as Memory design manager I joined ARM as Operations Director.

On the work side I want to move to more cross functional roles so I can work across the teams with a bigger circle of Influence and I also get opportunity to work with more inspiring people . On personal side I would like to support my two daughters in their journey towards becoming happy , sucessful career women with beautiful, caring families

I watch movies and sing duet songs with my husband

Put 100% honesty and passion in whatever you do and then let your work speak for you