Melissa Chambers

Director of Integration, QA and Program Management

Curvalux - We provide fixed wireless broadband access to the areas of the world without connections

I help manage projects and programs, including RF and Mechanical Engineering, Verification Testing and Quality Management

I love how many different areas in which I get to be involved! I get to roll my sleeves up and get into the details and I also get to manage whole programs! If you like puzzles, being an engineer is a perfect job. Everyday I solve different problems based on research, trial and error, and working with mentors.

I spend my days talking to other engineers, working together to create products and solving problems. I love that I work at all levels, from defining the processes used to manufacture a product to brainstorming how to create the next revolutionary product to connect the world.

I started as an art major at University and then decided I didn't want to be a starving artist :) I really liked art and math, so I changed my degree to Civil Engineering. I wanted to design Buildings. Then I was an intern at NASA, working with the Civil Engineers on the base. After that summer, I decided to change my major again! I graduated University with a Maths and Computer Science degree. Guess what? My first job was as an Engineer!

I see myself holding a C level position in a company where I can apply and share all of the experience I have worked so hard to obtain. My type A personality (I was the kid who had to get straight As in school) always pushes me to be the best at whatever I do. I really enjoy teaching my children how to program a Raspberry Pi and do scientific experiments at home.

I still love doing my artwork. I also really like to build things (like furniture) and do crafts. I am always looking for better ways to do things, around the house or at work. My goal is to have a HUGE workshop where I can still learn things like welding and how to build a car.

"When it rains, look for rainbows. When it's dark, look for stars." ~Oscar Wilde We all go through hard times, be the one who looks for stars :)