René Lumley-Hall

Head of Cross-Product Digitization

BNY Mellon, the world's largest custodian bank and asset servicing company. That means we manage and service the investments of institutions and high-net-worth individuals. Our clients include 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies. We are also one of the oldest banks in US history, having been founded in June 1784.

I run a team that is responsible for transformation, where we break things apart and put them back together to be better in the end. In the business world, we say that we re-imagine end-to-end processes that optimize operating models (how we do things), improve the client experience (how our clients interact with us) and enhance revenue integrity and reduce our expense base (how we measure our financial results).

I’m a big fan of puzzles and brain teasers. I get to solve some pretty big problems that impact our client experience as well as our internal business processes. I love that in the work I do I have the freedom to identify challenges, related goals and priorities, then determine innovative solutions or steps we need to take to achieve those goals and mobilize resources to creatively execute on the actions. I love being able to see the tangible outcomes of my work.

* Meetings with my partners in Technology, Data, Finance, Operations or our Client Coverage Team * One-on-One meetings with my team members or with individuals with whom I may be working on a specific initiative * Drafting reports with key program updates, financial metrics, risks and challenges we may be facing and for review with senior leaders

* Constantly learning: Being intellectually curious and not being afraid to operate in ambiguous circumstances. I read periodicals and listen to podcasts to stay on top of business, digital and technical trends that help me as I look for opportunities to contribute and fill gaps where they may be overlooked or ignored. * Knowing what I know and what I don’t know: I am not shy to reach out to people to get insights and information where I am not an expert. If I don’t have the answers, I generally know who to go to for the answers. I’m not afraid to ask for help. * Know your numbers and be able to tell the story: Expanding on my love for math and problem solving to enhance my quantitative skill set (Excel) to use data to inform critical business decision making and my ability to tell the story (PowerPoint + Public Speaking) to various audiences.

On a more immediate basis, I look forward to expanding both my team and the portfolio of projects that we are driving. On a longer term, I look forward to running a similar team that operates more broadly beyond my current business, but across the enterprise.

I was always an active kid, having played Soccer, Tennis and Softball growing up. As an adult, I’ve incorporated my passion for Yoga, cycling and kettlebell workouts into my fitness and wellness routine. Coming from a very musically oriented and artistic family, although I am a not a great dancer, I love listening to and playing music including Dancehall, Neo-Soul, Afrobeats and Samba…loudly.

“Whether You Think You Can, or Think You Can't ... You're Right” - Henry Ford