Aneta Bochenek

Talent and Operations Manager

Meritum Cloud Services - IT services provider specialising in designing virtual workspaces and cloud solutions.

Everything from identifying top talent, Recruitment, onboarding, to managing employees lifecycle, performance management, EB and offboarding of employees. Deciding on benefits, designing employees engagement surveys and looking after employees well being.

It gives me opportunity to learn new things, practice and to have impact on working experience of people that work with me. Interesting projects and working with various specialists.

I check my emails and the systems that I normally use to see whether we received any interesting applications from candidates. I meet with hiring managers to discuss their requirements and to find out what skills and experience are required for open positions. I contact various providers to find out what benefits we may have for our employees and at what price. I log into LinkedIn and I post various messages under my individual profile or under the company's one. I talk to employees to see whether they are fine, whether they need anything and to check whether I can help them. If needed I also talk to employees who decided to leave the company and I make some notes from this conversation, I order courier service to pick up the IT equipment from the leavers.

I leave the bedroom, I grab a coffee in the kitchen and some breakfast, granola with kefir for example as I can prepare it quickly and it tastes nice and is healthy and I go to the guests room which became my office now. It all takes around 10 minutes. I also spend some time with my dog on the way.

I would like to get more experience in designing technical career paths to know how I can advise my employees where they can go professionally if they have certain skills. I would also like to coach my 2 daughters Lena and Michalina and my son Joseph when they get older and they ask for my advice.

Running with my dog, chasing my kids around the house, playing in hide and seek and growing my own veggies.

“No matter what kind of challenges or difficulties or painful situations you go through in your life, we all have something deep within us that we can reach down and find the inner strength to get through them.” ―Alana Stewart