Alicia Teagle


SR2/Women Rock/Codebar/Technology Volunteers

SR2: Co-founder of a tech recruitment company Women Rock: A voice for diversity in tech (blog) Codebar: I run Bristol Codebar, a monthly free workshop for underrepresented groups who want to learn how to code in a safe and collaborative environment. Tech Volunteers: A group of 400 folk who gift their time with tech project for underfunded charities, schools, communities and groups.

I love helping people, meeting new people and giving back. And more than anything supporting women in the industry.

Day to day I spend my time running the business with my 2 co-founders, recruiting brilliant people into cool tech businesses. Interviewing for Women Rock, speaking to charities about Tech Vols and how we can support them (platform coming soon!)

A few GCSE's and then hard work, a lot of learning has got me where I am today and surrounding myself with motivated, supportive people!

I would like to get ambassadors for Women Rock with a mission to make the South West the most diverse place in Tech! Continue recruiting and becoming a NED for Tech start-ups.

Yoga, I'm a proper yogi, I also have a black lab called Boris (don't judge the name he's 12) so we are always out and about. This year I learnt Calligraphy and I am loving making my our Xmas Cards!

''No matter where you are in life, inspire and empower the women around you. Success is never reached alone. And, wisdom and wealth are sweeter shared.’’