Ana Guerreiro

Director, Experience and Service Delivery

Arm - a technology company that is helping to change the world

I make sure we deliver the right IT services and support to our colleagues and that everyone has everything that need to work. IT that just works ( the invisible power)

Goign the extra mile and provide IT services in a way that the feedback I have is: I have worked in a lot fo companies before and never seen an IT groups performing like this.

ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM now but before Covid and soon enough I spend my days between meetings with senior leaders and key stakeholders about IT roadmap and strategy, or I have my head burried in numbers, or something stopped working and we need to run a Major Incident, team meetings. What I know for sure is no day is the same

I have started as a service desk agent and I have created my path from there. In the meantime I thought i wanted to be a journalist. Well that did not work out :) but i feel in love with IT and service delivery

My future holds the power of making it whatever I want it to be. I really enjoy welcoming powerful young woman in Arm and working with them. Maybe my role would be more focusedon consultancy and defnetely photography and some drums playing

Well music ( listening, singign, playing the drums), art, restaurant investigator ( one of my favourite things to do : ) ) , i really like to read and stay at home sometimes but I do love live music, concerts and plays. Any chance I get you will see me in a concert.

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