Bushra Anjum, Ph.D.

Director of Data Science and Analytics


I am currently working in the Health IT sector. Doximity is a San Francisco based online networking and workflow tool service for medical professionals. My focus is user utility, and I advise companies how to use data to answer business-critical questions. I build data pipelines and create transformations to store raw data in analysis friendly formats. I make data sing!

Every data problem is unique. It's like solving a unique puzzle every day.

I work both as an individual contributor (IC) and a manager. As an IC, I devise data systems and analyses that help drive business decisions. As a manager, I am responsible for the productivity, wellness, and career progression of my reportees.

I have a Ph.D. in Computer Science and taught at the university level for 4 years before joining this industry. I worked for the Amazon Prime team for another 4 years before making the switch to Doximity.

I would like to continue my work as an enabler for women in tech, focusing on both recruitment and retention. I would also like to, what my mentor Jo Miller calls, become an L^3, i.e., a leader who trains leaders to train leaders.

Paint by numbers, silly Facebook games, play with my kitties.

My life has been led by the maxim, ‘I will figure it out.’ The thought has excited me as I embarked on new ventures, calmed me as I faced unexpected challenges and soothed me in times of grief.