Millie Riding

Fibre and Network Delivery Engineer

Openreach. We build and maintain the fibre network, allowing; schools, banks, businesses, homes etc. To stay connected especially through this pandemic. We are committed to being the best network provider there is!

I currently work on the Fibre to the Premises Side of business. I’ve recently moved from Ethernet which deals with business fibre. Now that I work in new build homes, it’s refreshing to see a different side of the Fibre build & it has been great to learn more skills & develop my own current ones too!

I love the customer satisfaction of the job. Knowing that I've provided excellent customer service, so they will share their experience with friends, family etc. And be confident in Openreach to provide their broadband and telephone lines! It’s also an eye opener to see how many people depend on broadband in their every day lives, we are connecting hospitals and families every single day and the pay off is brilliant!

I spend my typical day in work; • Roping, rodding and cabling. • Providing Excellent customer service • Fitting new broadband kit into homes • Actively collaborating with builders, field based co-ordinators, site managers etc. To ensure the best customer result has been achieved every time. • Speaking to my customers, getting to know them on a personal level, understanding & identifying their needs as to why they’re having fibre broadband. • Discussing different products within Openreach, and promoting the business every day.

I had absolutely NO qualifications or understanding of the engineering world. I was pretty blind to what I was going in to, I fancied a different path for my career. I worked for BT Call Centre in Accrington prior to Openreach, and I totally underestimated the hard work that has to be put in to keep the UK connected but I’m so glad I applied! I’ve certainly grown as a person since I started working for Openreach & I have matured a lot.

I hope in the future I become more successful within the business. The sky is the limit for me - and failure is not an option. I want to be secure in my life, and have a great lasting career that my children will be proud of me for!

I love shopping. Spending time with my boyfriend, and forcing him to shop in primark for endless amount of hours! (He hates it, but it’s 100% my happy place) I also love swimming, going to the gym, and relaxing at home with our 1 year old adopted cat Belle.

“Live every day like it’s your last, ‘cause one day you’re gonna’ be right!” - Ray Charles