Nikki Taylor


I have my own company guiding overseas investors how to purchase real estate in Italy and I also coach women in corporate how to maximise their skillset to create a wildly profitable business for themselves.

In a nutshell? Coaching people to achieve their dreams.

Seeing people achieve results through my guidance

I spend a lot of time on social media networking with people, this is how I grow my audience and create relationships. I provide coaching and motivational training to help people grow.

I used to work in the banking and finance industries in London and Sydney before moving to Italy where my focus has been working in the real estate industry.

I am very mission focused. My mission is to help people create their dream life in Italy and also help women in corporate create a business and an impact bigger than themselves.

I have two babies so in my spare time I am playing with them. I love to travel as well.

The secret of living is giving - Tony Robbins