Tara Lutman

Cofounder Partner

GoGlobal works with tech startups around the world to grow, scale and expand from seed stage to exit. Our secret sauce is our global network of investors and strategic partners. We work with tech startups to get the investment, customers and partnerships they need to expand their companies globally.

When a person has a great idea for technology that can make people's lives better or improve the planet, I help them get the resources they need to make their company bigger so more people can benefit from the technology they are building.

As an American in Turkey, I work with people from many different countries and cultures and I connect them with each other so they can work together and build great technology. In one meeting I can talk to someone from Israel, France, Dubai and the United States and everyone is working together to create technology that helps people live better lives. It makes me happy to connect people and get them the tools and resources they need to build the dreams they have into reality.

My typical day at work is talking, talking, talking. I introduce people to each other. I introduce myself to people. I spend a lot of time explaining why an idea is valuable, why an opportunity is valuable, and why a relationship is valuable. I persuade people to talk to each other. I convince people to listen to each other. And I spend a lot of time studying technology and how it is being used to make people's lives better and improve the planet we live on. I write about ideas, about technology, about what the future will look like when we work together to build great technology. I get to talk to a lot of people and meet a lot of people all over the world.

I studies psychology at university and then I worked for the US Department of Defense as a data analyst. I learned how to write code and generate data reports for important decision makers. I got my master's degree in information technology management. I learned how to be a bridge between software developers and system end users. I grew up in Silicon Valley, but moved to Turkey and had to start from zero. I built my own e-commerce business, then taught other people how to build their own e-commerce businesses. Because I knew people in the US and in Turkey I began connecting people between these two countries. I am a bridge between technology builders and technology users. I am a bridge between countries and cultures.

With all my professional experience, I see myself helping more people build their dreams by building important technology that will help people live better lives and the planet be healthier. I see myself teaching more people to be stronger, healthier, wealthier and more powerful, and also more human - kinder, more compassionate and more connected. As a woman, I look forward to increasing the impact that my company, GoGlobal, makes in the world of technology, investing, and business.

I love to read, do yoga, walk, talk with friends, read books, watch good movies, cook and eat good food, travel and learn about different cultures, study history, and learn from people who have done amazing things in their lives.

You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it come true.