Timea Lestar

Senior Director of Business Performance & Managing Director of Arm Hungary

Arm, a company which works in the semiconductor industry and delivers a wide range of innovation in microchip and other IP designs.

I manage all aspects of the Arm Hungary office as a day job. As a secondary responsibility I work with the management and provide them insight on how things are going at the different groups/teams.

I meet a lot of very clever people. They respect each other and we have a great culture of sharing and learning. I feel I contribute with my skills and knowledge to the overall success of the company. We create a very friendly atmosphere in the office and we have a great coffee machine too!

in the morning, we start with a team coffee and meet, where we discuss how things are going, who needs help/support. than I have a lot of meetings during the day. We get lunch together and talk about non business staff too. (like what our kids did in school :)) in the afternoons I work with my colleagues from US time zones. On the meetings the topics can be very different, such as data mining, data science. setting up processes and or systems to support to get the job done.

I was always good at math, and ended up learning economics and foreign trade. In my career I started as an accountant, but very often ended up in software implementations to solve people`s problems and automate staff. I think balancing the view of people will use the software what we build, helped me a lot through my thinking. Right now I work in a place where my core knowledge of processes and system is being used to support to create a better workplace for our developers.

I travelled to more than 30 countries in life and visited most continents, by I`m missing out on Australia and South America! Next year I`ll also get an extra 4 weeks holiday, so hope to head off to a great American Road trip with my husband and with my son.

Travelling, baking, gardening ...this might not sound fun, but its relaxing. I love to visit new places and get to know new cultures and people.

Believe in yourself is the first step. You need to be bold about what you want to achieve, and go for it!, You deserve the role, the school, the job, the family which suits you, there is no one size fits all.