Masha Petrova

Vice President of Brand Marketing

Altium , LLC - a global software company that develops software that helps engineers to design electronic products like smart cars, robots, and iphones.

A brand is a bridge between a company's products and customers. I help to build the brand to help our company stand out against its competition, and to grow our customer base and our sphere of influence.

I have an engineering background, so I love to build things and run experiments. I love marketing because it essentially allows me to run "people experiments" to see what colors, words, images, and so on give the needed result. I get to work with very creative designers, filmmakers, and writers to tell stories about very cool technologies that our customers are developing using our software.

Meeting with creative teams, software developers, and engineers to lead cool projects like #AltiumStories on Youtube, and brainstorm ideas of how to develop and promote our brand. I talk to customers to learn how they use our products.

I grew up in USSR during the space race and always wanted to become a cosmonaut. After moving to USA at 12 yrs old, I still wanted to go into space. So I got a B.S. in mechanical engineering from U of Delaware and a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering from UCSD. I also realized that the earth is actually a pretty cool place. I worked as a research engineer for a year after grad school and realized that I am too much of an extrovert to stay a pure researcher. So I went into sales and marketing and after running my own company and working in several tech start-ups and public companies - I have not looked back. I really love what I do.

I am looking to take on bigger leadership roles and eventually run a company as a CEO in the technology space.

I love spending time with my three children, reading, helping others grow in their careers, and do a variety of sports from Muay Thai, to sailing, to ballroom dancing.

Do what you love!