Sumita Sami

Software Development Engineer

Amazon Alexa -- we're the organization that powers Alexa, the virtual voice assistant. Alexa-enabled devices help people with many tasks, including answering questions and helping perform common tasks automatically.

I write software that helps Alexa respond accurately to users!

I get to solve difficult, interesting problems every day and I work on a very cool product.

I write code that improves the way the Alexa software responds to users' questions. For instance, I can write code that makes the software respond more quickly. If someone has multiple Alexa devices in their home, I write code that helps select the right Alexa device to reply.

I have a degree in computer and electrical engineering from UT Austin. I started out thinking I would do hardware, but then I realized I could write code, and I decided to look for a job in writing software instead.

With more experience, I'll become a senior engineer who can lead an entire project that will help our customers love our products more. My ultimate goal though is to become an engineering manager -- that means I can help my team grow and develop their careers, and also help lead projects.

I love reading! Mainly scif-fi but I also love mystery. My husband and I watch a lot of Netflix. We cook a lot and we like trying new recipes. I like staying active, so I try to go running or do yoga a few times a week.

Fear is just a feeling. It's not who you are, or who you could be. It's normal and human to feel fear, but don't let it make decisions for you.