Justine Zwerling

Proud Mum and Founding Member

UAE-Israel Business Council

My career centres around entrepreneurship combined with a life purpose to develop the support structures surrounding women on their journey. I was one of the founding members of The UAE-Israel Business Council. A forum established to bridge and foster commercial relationships between the UAE and Israel. With long-established ties in health, education, renewable energy and technology, a more open relationship between Israel and the Gulf states offers enormous benefits to the people of the region. I am the Founder, CEO, and Global Growth Consultant & Public Speaker for my company, Justine Zwerling Consulting. With over two decades of international experience across Europe, the Middle East, Indo-China, and Africa, I offer specialized consulting services for businesses looking to grow, expand, and enter new markets. I am also available for speaking engagements, offering insights on a broad spectrum of topics. I am a lucky mum of two lovely girls and a wonderful patient husband.

Connecting Ecosystems, being creative each day, finding solutions, supporting companies and people to grow.

Wake early at around 5.30am, start working, get the kids ready with breakfast and hugs. Each day is different, but usually ends late. I prioritize my diary around my kids - receiving them, making them a cooked meal, hugging them, and reading or walking.

Being inspired by a few special people who took the time to mentor and guide me on my journey. Doing good and going the extra mile, brings good things.

To be the best MUM, to inspire other girls and women to take the chances, believe in themselves, create their own tribe, feel confident, and enjoy life.

Walking in the forest near where I live and listening to loud 80's music Cooking with my kids, baking bread, giggling, gardening, planting veggies with kids, belly dancing, and mucking about!

"You create your own universe as you go along." - Winston Churchill