Mounika Chillamcherla

Software engineer


I write code to develop products that helps our users

The products I develop helps other companies to secure themselves by detecting the hacks and preventing them

I attend meeting regarding the work that needs to be done, work with teammates and design cool features in the product and I do coding to make that possible.

I am a girl from a small town in India. I currently work in Microsoft, that itself is a huge achievement to me. I didn’t go to the top Ivy League schools or anything. I was just very determined to make it big in my career. Worked very hard and made it to Microsoft.

The future looks bright as technology is used in every aspect of our life. I am hopeful that I get to be a part of developing great products that have huge impact on the world.

Few things I do for fun are dance, travel and read books

“You can’t serve from an empty pot. So figure out what you want to serve the world and work on filling the pot , so one day you will be in the position to serve”