Telle Whitney


Telle Whitney Consulting, LLC. I consult with companies who want to create cultures where all people thrive.

I advise organizations that want to create change,. I also sit on the boards of several non-profits and for-profit organizations. But what I am best know for is scaling the non-profit organization Anita Borg Institute to a well respected global presence.

I love working with people at all the organizations I am engaged with to create change.

My days vary a great deal, but I will often meet with the leaders of the organizations that I am involved with, understanding their products as well as their people and culture. I also speak frequently, so I need to prepare the material for talks.

My journey was windy. I went to school for a long time, I have a Ph.D. in Computer Science. But I stayed in school because I love the work and technology. I worked in technology startups for a number of years, I loved creating products and companies from scratch. The non--profit the Anita Borg Institute was also a start-up that grew in impact and size. The themes of the different organizations I was involved with was envisioning a different future and then making it happen.

I am writing a book! I plan to take the ideas that I've learned along the way, talk to many people who have had an impact on the technology world, and create a story. I am very excited about this project.

I love to hike. I live near the local mountains, and I walk most days and go for longer hikes frequently. I love to travel and hope to return to international travel this coming year.

The most dangerous words in the english language are “we’ve always done it that way -Grace Hopper