Sarah Roberts

Head of Programmes & Delivery

Motorola Solutions - a company that delivers mission-critical communication services used primarily by the emergency services. Every emergency service in the UK relies on our network and services.

I lead a team to deliver programmes to ensure our network is always available and of the best quality for our customers. My programmes cover IT, networks and software.

I love that my work makes a difference and helps those at the front line of the emergency services. I also love leading a team of passionate individuals and that my work allows me to indulge my problem solving skills .

I spend my day working with my team, individuals across my company as well as suppliers and our customers. Each day is very different but most days I will look at project plans and financials.

I started my career in consulting to enable me to get a broad understanding of "business" and I worked across a lot of industries from banking to steel works. My passion was in the telco industry as I loved the technology involved but also the fact that it was so important in our lives and this was my first move into "industry". I worked on a variety of high profile projects and product launches, most notably I programme managed the 5G launch for Vodafone in the UK. Having managed many projects and programmes, I now wanted to manage a portfolio of programmes with a similar purpose around communications so I moved to Motorola Solutions. In terms of studying, I have a PhD and a first class degree in Chemistry from Oxford University.

I would like to keep delivering programmes that make a difference to people's lives and to keep leading high performing teams.

I have 3 children who keep me very busy but when I get the chance, I love to run.

"You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take" Wayne Gretzky