Future Cain

CEO and Founder

The Future of SEL

I am the CEO and Founder of a business that promotes equitable social and emotional learning in all educational settings and organizations. I believe that the world would be a more equitable place for all if children are taught early on how to manage their own emotions and interactions in ways that benefit themselves and others, and that help children succeed in schooling, the workplace, relationships, and citizenship. I am a business owner of my own company and I support children and adults all over the world in helping to make this world a better place for all to live in while celebrating every person's strengths.

I was put on this earth to serve others. I love seeing people grow (academically and emotionally) and collaborate with each other when we move forward faster in this world when we work in tandem with others.

A typical day is spent researching best practices and continuing to build my framework for what is the best way to serve educational institutions and businesses. Talking with others to get an idea of where they are currently at and what their end goal is are important in my field in order to best serve all involved.

My passion for justice began when I was a little girl when I saw people not being treated fairly, including myself. My mother set high expectations for me and I was the first in my family to attend college. I graduated with two Bachelor's degrees, one in Psychology and another in Speech Communications. I went to work as a Behavioral Specialist who worked with students who had cognitive disabilities. The students I worked with were not being treated with dignity and respect, so I went back for my Master's degree in Special Education so I could create the classroom environment I knew the children deserved. I taught at the high school level for many years. Later, I went back to school for a certificate in Curriculum and Instruction and Administrator. After this, I became a high school Assistant Principal and was also leading the Science, Technology, and Business departments. During my time as the Assistant Principal, I also earned a 200-hour yoga certification to incorporate into the after school program I led. I was then promoted to Director of Social and Emotional Learning for a school district. I decided to open my own business in 2020 and also took a new position as the Statewide Program Coordinator for the state of Wisconsin to support all school districts with trauma-sensitive, social-emotional learning, and mental health.

The options are unimaginable! My future work entails supporting all schools in the state work to provide all students schools with social and emotional learning and mental health through an equitable lens. In addition, I will be working internationally as a speaker and consultant in the social-emotional learning and mental health field to provide adults and children with the skills to be emotionally intelligent and to be their best selves in mind, body, and spirit.

I have two children in elementary school. When I am not working or homeschooling, I love spending time with my family. We love reading and staying active - running, riding bikes, skiing, dancing, or going for a walk. I love yoga, enjoy meditating, talking to friends, and having alone time as that is key to knowing oneself.

"Please do not dim your light, even if it is too bright for others to see." - Future Cain "The more joy you spread, the more joy-filled you are!" - Future Cain "This life is only a competition with ourselves. Learning and growing everyday to be a better you tomorrow." - Future Cain