Caroline Galliez

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

I work for Arm, a global technology company. The intellectual properties (IPs) can be design silicon chips, processor units and software codes. Arm technology is everywhere! 70% of the world’s population uses Arm technology (smart phones, internet of things, etc.).

This is my first role after graduating from university. At Arm, I'm able to try different tasks to find out what I like and what I'm good at. I collect and store data (data engineering) and create data visualization (that is to say beautiful graphs so that data can be understood quickly)!

I love that I get to work with lots of different people within the company. I get to know what they are working on and what their challenges are. Once I understand their challenges, I can help them answer their questions with data.

Every day is different! When I work on data visualization, I spend time trying to understand the questions that need answers. I spend time prototyping (drawing on paper what it's going to look like) and then creating it using a software tool called Tableau. When I collect and store data, I mostly write code!

I studied Engineering in the south of France, where I'm originally from. After my "baccalaureate" (French equivalent of A-levels), I studied two intensive years of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. After these two years, I took an exam to enter one of the French engineering schools. Because I love new technologies, I chose a school specialised in this field, more specifically, Computer Science and Microelectronics. I quickly realised that I preferred the Computer Science aspects of my training. During my second year, (fourth year after my "baccalaureate"), I decided to go abroad for an internship in the IT field. After a long search, I found a Data Engineering internship at Arm in Cambridge, which I joined from April to July 2018 (4 months). I didn't know anything about data before applying. This internship was a revelation for me; I discovered the power of data. I saw the benefits that can be derived by a company that makes good use of its data (better knowledge of its processes, of its customers, and possibility of improving). I really enjoyed living in the UK, improving my English, and meeting new friends from different countries. It was been one of the best experiences of my life! Following this internship and returning to school for the final year of my Master's degree, I wanted to keep specialising in this field. To this end, I completed my end-of-study internship from April to September 2019 (6 months). At Sopra Steria in the data science field, I was able to deepen my knowledge of data processing, data visualisation, and the application of machine learning models. In October 2019, I joined Arm again as a graduate to keep evolving in the data field and I'm still here!

I want to keep learning about the different roles involved in a data project (data engineer, data analyst, data scientist, etc). One day, I would like to move on to a management role, still in that field. On a personal side, I want to keep traveling to broaden my mind!

I really love traveling, discovering the world around me, and meeting new people. After about 20 years of thinking I hated sports, I have discovered I quite enjoy it! I was told I was not good enough, but now I know that's not true. I especially enjoy running and cycling. There are really many things I enjoy doing during my free time. My favorites are reading, cooking (as well as eating), and learning new things. Recently, I started learning more about geography and I'm loving it! And, let's be honest, watching a good series on Netflix!

"You can be whatever you want to be. Find something you like, and don't let anyone tell you you're not capable of doing it."