Neveen Elasar

DevOps / Platform Engineer

Sparta Global - a technology services company specialising in the provision of highly skilled technology consultants.

Job involves managing, standardising and automating the organisation’s cloud platform on Amazon Web Services. This includes designing and developing solutions that ensure the consumers within the business are using the platform in a safe, governed, compliant way and following industry best practices.

I love that I'm constantly learning new stuff! Programming and scripting languages, services, tools and so much more!

My day starts with catching up on my emails first thing in the morning while having my cup of coffee. Then I have a quick meeting with the team, discussing the work we've done yesterday, what our plans are for today, and if there's anything we need help with. I then pick up new tickets or tickets I'm working on and start coding and automating! I frequently have collaborative sessions with my team to discuss new designs/solutions and pair program.

In colleague I've acquired an associate diploma in Computer Science, then I went on to study Multimedia (which included some coding as well as digital media), and finally I got my Bachelor's degree in I.T. - I've consistently worked towards getting a career in I.T. from a young age.

I hope to develop an application or a tool that can help in making a change.

I love learning about new cultures! This includes learning new languages too, I also enjoy traveling around and taking photographs!

'Be the change you want to see in the world' - Ghandi