Ike Osho



I help safety departments create digital systems that helps improve compliance, productivity, and also saves them time and money.

Imparting digital skills and seeing the awe on my learners' faces when they do something with ease that they once thought was impossible or too difficult.

A typical day at work is spent studying, researching or working with/on client work which can range from digitising their business processes to creating an online learning centre, or training them on digital skills. I work with a planner/scheduler, so I know how the day will go before I have even began.

I founded my first business in 2013. I needed a website and couldn't afford one. I started one myself and spent some time on Google and YouTube when I needed to troubleshoot and solve problems I encountered. Along the way, I discovered lots of tools and platforms and someone gained some cool tech skills. I digitized the way I work and run my business. I also designed websites for various business with these skills. Having those skills helped me launch a new business during the pandemic providing digital services to business and people in my industry.

I see me launching a digital platform and having a huge influence in how technology is used to augment and enhance workplace learning and safety management.

For fun, I spend some time on Netflix. Other times, I am busy exploring a new digital tool or platform that will prove useful in my line of work. I don't see that as work - it is fun coming up with new ways to do things in life and work.

"It is important to (not only) seek out environments where you are supported, but where you have the chance to be uncomfortable and learn new things." - Vanessa Hurst