Farheen Fatima

Associate Vice President for Data Engineering


Citi is THE global bank – an institution connecting millions of people across hundreds of countries and cities. We have 200 years of experience helping our clients meet the world's toughest challenges and embrace its greatest opportunities. I work in the field of Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence for leading investment banking institutions. I have a very global working experience having worked in multiple countries. I am a Data Scientist who writes algorithms & code to analyze large amounts of data to derive patterns, behaviors, anomalies and valuable insights which are then used to make critical business decisions. I work mainly with investment banks and trading platform data. This is a very hot and trending job role in the world of information technology today.

Data sciences is mostly problem-solving. It's pretty cool working with complex and challenging tasks and designing ingenious solutions to analyze data. its 50% art and 50% technology.

Lots of meeting, lots of coding, and tons of coffee!!

I have a Bachelor's degree in Engineering in Computer Sciences. Data Science as a field has become very popular. Universities are now offering Master's degrees specifically in Data Sciences, however, I do not feel that it is necessary.

I strive to become the best possible version of myself.

I love to paint in my spare time. I am passionate about art.

"Dreams are the first steps towards reality." I have always believed that. Never be ashamed to dream big!