Jacqui Agg

Senior Manager of Professional Services


Xceptor is a data transformation software provider that empowers business users within financial institutions to build automated processes that deliver trusted data. I manage the client implementations to deliver IT solutions to time, budget, and quality. I largely problem solve to get the deliveries over the line!

Bringing to life client business user cases by implementing IT solutions. Engaging with clients and building a network across the industry

I work with the IT teams to understand what and how they are going to deliver the clients requirements. I help turn their IT jargon into business language my clients can understand. I’ll build plans, write reports for Executive stakeholders, and largely solve problems with resource constraints or technical issues by providing alternative solutions.

I started life wanting to be an accountant and have a banking background working at Royal Bank of Scotland and Northern Trust. I quickly realised I enjoyed client facing change work so got myself on a leadership program and worked on a project for our Account Management team. I have over 20 years working on client change and have ensured my skills stay current by studying for industry certifications such as Agile and Project Management Practitioner qualifications.

I am focused on building out my reputation as a strong leader, client engagement, and delivery professional, keeping up to date with the changes in the industry and software developments, and building out my network. Long term, I would look to become a change consultant and spend more time at home cycling and walking my Labradoodle.

I am an avid Peloton (spin bike ) owner. I cycle or work out on one of the other activities on their app. I also enjoy the community that runs alongside this, taking part in challenges and chatting to women’s group.

"Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen." - Coco Chanel