Crina Cătălina Bucur

Software Engineering Lead


At Moneybox, we help you turn your money into something greater. I design and implement features for the application's platform.

I get to be technical, build cool stuff, and work on puzzles when I troubleshoot and fix bugs.

Software engineering is not only about writing code, but also talking to people across various teams, gathering requirements, translating them from natural language to technical requirements, writing documentation, working on analyses, estimating implementations, doing code review, etc.

I pursued a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and a Master's Degree in Software Engineering, in my home country, Romania. After I graduated with my BSc., I started working as a remote Junior Software Engineer for Housatonic Software in the US. After 9 years of working with them, I relocated to London and joined Moneybox as a Software Engineer.

As computer science is a very dynamic field, I am always trying to gain new skills and improve my existing ones. I am constantly working to become an expert in my field. I am now assuming more managerial responsibilities.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading (Russian classics in particular), playing nostalgic PC games and travelling. I also like building things, from puzzles to assembling my IKEA furniture. I have the skydiving school on my bucket list.

"If" by Rudyard Kipling