Kinjal Panchal

Project Manager

iTalent Digital

I act as a intermediate between client and team. Manage the process and planning for development activities.

I love to interact with people rather than just working on the computer alone. The part of my job allows me to talk to people, know more about them and make the work joyful.

Usually I start my work by checking emails, holding stand-up meetings and tracking the progress. During the day comes the analysis work around the on-going or up-coming activities. I finish my day by holding client calls, giving the updates and sending emails.

As an computer enthusiast, I always knew I might like working with IT field. Although I never knew what are my skill sets, I wish I would have come across the quiz like this which can help me to recognize the skills and sharpen them. I started career by working as developer and slowly slide into the management side.

Future holds lots of travelling, helping the people in need and starting my own business.

I love to watch movies and relax with friends. Also, my hobbies involve lots of cooking for loved ones and watching them enjoy having it, makes me feel the best :)

"Seek not greater wealth, but simpler pleasure; not higher fortune, but deeper felicity." - Mahatma Gandhi