Nadia Garfunkel

Partnerships Manager

imagiLabs - we are a female-founded ed-tech startup devoted to getting girls interested in tech + coding through creative expression.

I work with educational partners (nonprofits, schools, coding companies) to reach as many teens/girls/kids as possible, to get them imagiCharms and curriculum tools!

Meeting so many interesting people from all over the world and bonding over our shared mission of gender equity in tech industries :)

Lots of my day is spent emailing and drafting colorful proposals, but I also frequently get to take meetings (virtual) and pitch to potential partners.

I studied for 5 years (3 years B.A in Montreal., 2 years M.A. in NYC) and worked full time for 3 years before my current position, which I started in Stockholm when I was 25 years old! Many summer internships and varied jobs in schools led me to work in ed-tech now.

Learning and sharing my knowledge and traveling; I am passionate about educating others but also feeling challenged and continuing to learn new skills myself! I expect to continue living in new places every few years, as long as I can afford it :)

I like trying out new/interesting restaurants, hanging out with friends, running, and recently I've started boxing :) My boyfriend often cooks for me so mostly I just eat for fun!

"I want to go to there" - Tina Fey's daughter.