Marty Reaume

Chief People Officer

I work for BusPatrol - a tech company dedicated to changing driver behaviour and keeping our children safe!

I manage a team that is dedicated to attracting and motivating amazing and diverse talent while providing an exceptional colleague experience along the journey!

I love finding new colleagues to join our team and I love helping to assist current colleagues to be incredibly successful in their career journey. One of the best parts of my role is helping to build a motivating, inclusive and memorable culture where people truly enjoy coming to work each day.

I meet new people, candidates, that we think will help us build the company. I work through many different aspects of what is important to my colleagues in terms of programs, development experiences, compensation, benefits, and I assist all levels of leadership to be their most effective version of a leader.

I have had a long,challenge-filled and wonderful career to this point, beginning with completing 3 post-secondary degrees (an eternal student), and working hard to understand all of the various disciplines in a strong People Practice. I spent 15 years in Financial Services building my background and then I moved to Technology as part of the leadership team for 3 start-ups which we eventually took incredible amount of work, but I feel so privileged to have been part of all of them. I was able to learn from so many incredibly talented colleagues, I had the good fortune to experience many cultures around the world and I also had so much fun along the way!

I hope to continue coaching and assisting CEO's and executive teams and I hope to continue to add value to technology companies from a Board member perspective. I am also working towards being much more proficient in French! I also hope to spend more time supporting and encouraging young women in the world of STEM.

I have a wonderful extended family, husband and a daughter that I absolutely aspire to be! She is my hero. We share many interests, including a deep commitment to our health and well-being and fueling our bodies with nature's most perfect medicine - healthy, delicious food. We are avid creators in the kitchen and have a dream of sharing this vision through our own establishment one day. We all enjoy hiking, water sports and staying active and we also devote much of our free time to exploring new places, people and cultures.

"The comeback is always stronger than the setback". Catherine Plano