Film Production Student/ Lead GLAM Mentor

I am a junior, studying film production at Sacramento State University. I've worked with GLAM for a few years as a Lead GLAM Ambassador during their leadership and coding programs.

As a film production student, I mostly spend my time learning about how and why the media industry runs the way it does. As a Lead GLAM Ambassador for GLAM, I help other mentors support all the girls who come to the events. A mentor's job is to make sure that all the girls can have a fun, safe, and positively unforgettable time.

I love that my role with GLAM is different every single time. Whether I'm assisting with preparations before an event, helping decorate the venue, filling out attendance sheets, or just helping a girl tie her shoe, it all makes me happy.

There is no typical day as a mentor! I am usually set to a task and once I complete that said task, I am set to a different one.

I was very nervous at first when I supported a GLAM Event in 2017. I was the youngest mentor, but I was embraced and trained by such lovely people.

I will be graduating from Sacramento State University in the spring of 2022 with a Bachelor's degree in Film Production. So many things await my future that I cannot foresee at the moment!

I love to write! Poetry, scripts, and short stories all contribute to my love of creativity. I also enjoy making collages, videos, pies, scarves, and paintings. Although these are vastly different categories, they can all happen within the same day.

“Choice five would demand of you that you consider today's graduation no more than a pause to catch your breath before continuing the life-long job of education. It would demand of you that you be your own unique best self. And there is no higher demand than that.” ~ Edith S. Sampson