Siobhan Hartnoll

Sales Manager APAC

Featurespace is the world leader in using machine learning to fight fraud and financial crime.

My responsibility is to bring our unique and innovative solution to those that need new solutions to solve their growing challenges.

I love educating people on sophisticated technology and finding creative ways to solve their problems that other solutions can not solve.

I spend a lot of time speaking to customers, market experts to find creative ways to solve problems and increase the brand image of Featurespace.

I studied geology at university and wanted to go into the oil industry. But when it collapsed I didn't know what to do. I turned to tech and found my niche where I could act as a bridge between the experts and those that this was new.

I want to build my entrepreneurship experience and build my own company in the future.

I love sports and adventuring. I am a passionate hiker and cyclist. From a young age I have always played netball and touch rugby.

Fortune favours the bold