martha silcott


FabLittleBag - I invented a sustainably sourced disposal bag for tampons and pads to encourage them to be binned and not flushed as flushing can lead to pollution of our rivers, ocean and beaches. Also FabLittleBag makes disposal a relaxed, hygienic confident experience. No Mess; No Stress.

I sell FabLittleBag into both consumer retail and corporates to achieve our mission of stopping aquatic pollution caused by flushing period products and to make disposal an empowering, relaxed, confident experience for all.

I love innovation , finding solutions to problems, making experiences better. I love breaking down taboos and barriers around periods. I love the fabulous inspiring people I meet a long the way

Typical non-lockdown day would involve combination of emails/presentations/problem solving/fire-fighting with in person meetings.

Ha! NO clear route - the most important thing is attitude and hard work. Being curious, kind and keen to learn are more important than any pieces of paper to me.

Hopefully eradicating flushing of period products. Helping to break the taboo around periods, and inventing more positive solutions to existing problems that also help the planet.

Normally I watch my football team, Arsenal, play football, meet friends, go for dinner, have FUN! Waiting to resume these things!

This too shall pass It is not meant to be negative but crap happens and both the good times and the bad times will pass... gives hope when having a crappy time and keeps you humble when the good times roll!