Uma Achutha

Product Manager


There's a lot of work happening in terms of accelerating velocity, providing everything that developers need to push code to production as quickly as possible with fewer blockers. We’re reimagining the eBay customer experience, and our technology is driving this. I’m right in the middle of this effort, and it’s very exciting.

I love working with people, collaborating, learning new things every day, and doing cool initiatives.

I work with developers, managers regarding the initiatives, making goals, planning, and making sure we are progressing well without blockers. If any blockers, I work with management and others to try to resolve the issues. I attend daily meetings for progress updates, program reviews, and other engagements.

When I joined eBay, I started as a QA Engineer. Then I was promoted to a lead role and later to management. After a few years in Quality Assurance in different roles, I decided to pursue Product Management. I moved internally; there are always opportunities here to try something different. eBay helped me with that job transition. I was able to continue my career growth with Product Management training at UC Berkeley as well as enrollment in the Stanford Project Management Program and became a Product Manager.

I would like to continue to grow as a product manager and make an impact.

I have 2 teenage daughters. I love to spend time with them. We go for walks, rides, listen to music, watch movies and shows, and we also cook together.

Be passionate, bold, and fearless. Seek challenges and opportunities, always share your thoughts and ideas in discussions, take the initiative in problems you want to solve, and push boundaries. Proactively seek out mentors in your areas of interest, everyone is willing to help, and mentors make a big difference. Most importantly, believe in yourself and always challenge the status quo.