Marie Coughlan

Social Media Customer Service Agent

eBay Inc. -- They are an online platform where buyers and sellers come together to trade goods and services.

I answer questions that are sent in via Facebook, Twitter, etc. I help our members with any concerns they have on their account and review accounts for any type of risk they may pose to the platform.

My position allows me the opportunity to communicate with different types of people from all over the world. The day to day challenge to resolve a number of concerns keeps me focused and learning all the time.

I turn on my computer and get all the windows open for the various programs I need to be able to research a number of issues on any given account. I have to organize them so they are quick to access. When I am ready, I let the computer know I would like to receive work by changing my "status" from prep time to available. Then I go into a master list of messages we have received and pull out the messages that need to be reviewed for any risky behavior. I will then review the question, research the problem, and offer the most appropriate resolution. On a good day, I can do up to 13 messages an hour and on days where the questions are a bit more time consuming I may get as low as 3 an hour. All depends on the member's questions and the information we can find for them. I work a 10 hour shift (three 15 min breaks and a 30 min lunch). I try to get up and stand or walk around the room for a bit (I work from home right now).

I have worked a number of jobs in my young adult/adult life. I've been a caretaker for the handicapped, a bank teller/CSA, a rates analyst for a trucking company, fast food worker, and a stay at home mom. I was hired to work in the international department that was starting within eBay in 2012. I answered emails in many different languages answering their concerns and getting them resolved for 5-6 years. I was transferred to the Social Media department when my original position was changed to what we call the LATAM team (Latin American). I was worried I wouldn't enjoy the new position (change is sometimes difficult) but with the help and guidance of my peers and my personal determination to grow, I have grown to love what I do even more.

Right now, I am unsure where my future is headed. I am 50 years old and would love to go to school to become an Attorney (my lifelong dream career). But I enjoy my work and my many grandchildren. Right now, that is enough for me.

I enjoy playing on my computer, making spreadsheets for fun. I print out my own stationery as I have a few pen pals I write physical letters to. I go out to dinner/lunch with my friends. I enjoy coloring, writing, and paranormal investigation

Life: Bring it! My inspirational quote is from one of my most treasured friends. He has endured so much heartache in his life, yet still chooses to be positive in everything he does.