Product Manager

I am a Product Manager with the Developer Community at eBay Inc. eBay Inc is an ecommerce company providing sellers all around the world to sell their inventory and buyers with niche inventory to select from.

As a Product Manager, - I prioritize our API product roadmap and make sure it aligns with our company goals and objectives - I work with external developers who want to integrate with our APIs to develop applications for sellers to manage inventory and buyers to buy products

My role as a product manager is demanding and the best part about it is that not only it allows me to collaborate with other product managers at eBay, it also helps me work with users of our product(APIs) who provide the best feedback to understand how we as a company are doing.

My day starts with meeting either external developers or account managers who manage them to discover how they integration if going. during the day, I do meet with internal teams that I product manage to get the status and progress of the development of our products. The rest of the time I collaborate across teams at eBay to strategize and see how we can add new or improve existing features to make it easy for our partners.

I started off a Technical support engineer at eBay. With my earlier background as a developer, support role really taught me a lot. As a tech support engineer, I work with external developers day and day out. After 8 years in th tech support role, I decided to move into Product management. With the technical and support background, product management seemed the rigth fit and it helped me understand both worlds.

I want to help the community and create awareness of education and completing high school.

I love painting. I am mostly into acrylic. At the moment, trying out different styles or painting: knife, metal leaf etc

Don't let anyone define you. You define yourself. - Billie Jean King