Jennifer Deal

GTM for Buyer at MakerPlace by Michaels

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I think about and work on the best ways to share information with the people who use our site. Sometimes I create emails, social posts, banners, or messages throughout the site, or host podcasts and live chats, or speak at events.

Everything I do can affect how well someone understands eBay. If we communicate well, sellers can understand how to sell more, which is a great feeling and result for them and us. If we don't share, people can get frustrated when there are mistakes or miscommunications or don't feel successful. I like helping sellers be as successful as possible. I also enjoy figuring out how to making something that is difficult easier to understand.

My day starts with a hot cup of coffee, tea, or lemon water. If I don't have a meeting right away, I'm usually writing or editing an email for sellers or giving feedback on one created by a coworker. I'm speaking to coworkers on different teams most of my day, sharing ideas, both fun and serious, about how we talk to sellers. When I'm not talking, I'm listening. I also share what worked and what didn't work on campaigns and what we should do next. We look at calendars to see how much time we have to work on a project and figure out how we can work on many projects at once. It's like cooking a complete meal and dessert. You need to figure out what you prepare, when to start, and how it ends up at the table.

It is essential to learn what you like to do or can do regularly, how to do what you don't like to do but need to do (like cleaning your room), and what you never want to do. I studied economics and journalism, which don't seem like they matter to my current job. Both taught me how to think critically, look at different perspectives, ask questions, and be curious about the "what if." I worked in various types of jobs and companies, and each time I used the same skills and learned which ones to make better for the position. At eBay, I also had many roles, and now I know a lot about how the business. I'm an expert!

I will keep learning. I want to build a dream home. I want to learn a new language. I want to run a successful business. I might get a dog.

Crafts, gardening and cooking are always at the top of my list. I am also obsessed with Instagram and YouTube. When I can travel, I like to explore, hike national parks, eat new foods, and shop. I prefer to read only fun books and magazines over self-improvement, but I listen to podcasts and audio books for that genre. I change my hair color, play with the cat, and enjoy joking around with my kids.

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible." - Walt Disney