Marcia Bailey

Risk Analyst

eBay. eBay is a large online market place that connects businesses to consumers and individuals to buyers. I primarily use eBay to buy and sell items from my personal comic and vinyl collections in my home life. Countless types of items are bought and sold on eBay. I love working at eBay. eBay fosters an environment that is supportive, accepting and innovative for its employees, customers and community at large. eBay participates in numerous charities, gets involved with communities and celebrates inclusion through various groups and activities . eBay's corporate values mirror many of my own personal values by their commitments to sustainable practices, economic empowerment, and charitable giving.

I use data to monitor eBay's website to catch activity that could expose eBay and its customers to risk such as fraudulent activity, financial loss and more. I am like a detective that uses her computer and online resources to track activity that breaks the rules of eBay which includes following laws and regulations across the globe.

I love that I provide safety and security to eBay’s community. I find my work fulfilling knowing that I help small businesses succeed by maintaining a high level of trust on eBay. People can shop without worrying about losing money or encountering something unsafe. I also love the challenges and puzzle solving that my job brings.

I review accounts and take action to protect all of eBay. This is the primary workload of my job. I also engage in a lot of community work with different groups of eBay. Getting involved and collaborating with my peers to create a fun experience or share knowledge are my favorite parts of the day! My team is filled with some of the most big hearted people who make sure to work hard and play hard.

I started working as a nanny during high school and continue through some of my college years. It was a great start to building skills in communication, situational awareness, compassion, managing my time and putting resources to the best use. I had a few other customer service positions then I moved to eBay in customer service. I answered customers phone calls to guide them through any obstacles they were encountering. Sometimes I had to give bad news if they had broken a rule. This strengthened my skills in conflict management, research, and understanding. A few years later, I moved to the more behind the scenes position I am currently In.

I am looking forward to traveling more in 2021. I have been for 4 countries and will be expanding that list once it’s safe to do so. I live with my husband and cat, Remi. We are three now but are wanting to add to our family soon. I love the opportunities that I have to be successful in my career at eBay, volunteering in my community and am ready to take on new roles in my field and family.

I love video games, collecting comics and vinyl records, watching scary movies and reading. I also craft. My desk at home is always covered in some creative project. My favorite holiday is Halloween and my entire family is very extra when spooky season comes. I spend a lot of time with my very large family. We love art projects, road trips, going to the lake, and pulling pranks.

"Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you’ll find one at the end of your arm. As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands: one for helping yourself, the other for helping others."- Audrey Hepburn