Meital Tohar Zahave

Product Manager

eBay - a global e-commerce company that connects millions of buyers and sellers around the world, and enables economic opportunity for individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Connect customer needs to the business goals in developing products and features that provide real value.

Interesting problems to solve, working with fun great people and working for a company that makes a positive impact to people lives.

I familiarize myself with the business goals, initiatives and eco-system I work in - always learning - through meetings, presentations, articles, mails, reviews, etc. I meet and correspond with customers and users to understand their needs, aspirations and pain points. I work closely (daily) with a partner product development team - articulating the requirements for the products and features to be designed and developed. We plan, execute and constantly monitor the work to achieve all of the project goals successfully within given constraints and timeline.

My journey was not so typical (-: I studied Biology at University while working as a student in a company that improved the data archives, processes and management of pension funds. I then started to work for eBay as a temporary job and stayed for more than 11 years now. I had many great career development opportunities at eBay - started as a content specialist, moved to a business system analyst role, then lead analyst, project manager, team lead of data managers, analysts and content specialists, to now a product manager.

Who knows? I'm up for anything interesting, that involves learning and makes a positive impact.

Nature, animals, volunteering, music and reading/watching fantasy, sci-fi and cartoons (-:

don't have one (-: