Sarah Tayeb

Head of sellers

I work for EBAY, an inclusive worldwide e-commerce marketplace that empowers buyers and sellers across the world.

I am Head of sellers, I am doing everything to help sellers come and increase their sales on with marketing, promotions or direct relationships and partnerships.

I am helping sellers with e-commerce make their living. If they do not win money, I do not win money. We support any entrepreneur, man, woman, big companies but also individuals starting from scratch and become sometimes even millionaire selling on eBay !!

I spend a lot of time on the phone and with emails coordinating activities with my team, leading meetings to decide best action plan, checking newsletters and banners or new features you will see on

I have started working in a video games company, launching video games for Nintendo consoles. Then I worked in a big electronic store retail chain called DARTY, buying consoles and video games for 200 stores in France and for the website Now I work at eBay for 7 years, with different positions making me learn and progress withing the company.

My future is entrepreneurship : I hope to be leading my own e-commerce website in 5 or 10 years.

I am a ballet dancer, and a big reader. I also have 3 little girls to raise which is a great fun everyday.

What I say to my daughters : "Nobody will give you what you do not ask. Always ask. At worst you can get a "no". If that is a "no", ask again until you get what you want or need."