Sharron Sawyer

Content Designer


I write, edit and improve the texts used by ebay's customer service so that they can help ebay members with problems.

I love that I can make the ebay experience better for the customers using words only. Language is a beautiful thing. I love working in an international team where I can learn a lot from others.

First I read my emails and then have a chat or two with colleagues over Slack. Then I look at my work tickets and start working on the texts that the customer service staff will be using to help support ebay members. Every other day we have meetings discussing our work and how we can make things even better.

I studies languages and journalism, and started as a TV journalist and then switched to a software company, my friend had founded. There I got into marketing and learned a lot over the years. I was really busy when I was younger - working in the office but also as a musician and DJ on the side. I just did everything that I enjoyed. In each field I always learned a lot - and I profit from this today , at ebay I can combine all of my skills. Even DJing , as I have dome this on our pride float some years.

I want to keep on enjoying what I do and never settle for the status quo. I am 59 now, but I don't feel old, and I know there might even be a surprise around the corner. Just stay alert and open for new things to come.

Outside of work I enjoy music in any form, performing myself or DJing, I love to cook and bake and discover new vegan recipes. I also love my dogs and when possible help animal rescues and find pets new homes. I also love social media and getting to know new friends from around the world, and I have a van that I remodeled myself into a cool camper, and I love to travel with it.

Know that if you stay curios and open minded you will constantly learn and improve, and enjoy life and what you do so much more!